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Keeping Up With Mike's Updates

A lot of people I talk to ask me how they can keep up to date with all the information that I post on this blog, I tell them that the easiest way to get the updates is to subcribe to my RSS feeds and then they will be kept informed whenever I post new information. Sometimes though the RSS feed icon can be missed or may not be easy to find, so I’ve included the links in this post to make it really simple for you to keep up with my updates.

If you’d like to get the update via my RSS feed, or really simple syndication feed then all you need to do is click here, this will let you either get my updates via a reader, such as iGoogle or you can simply click on the XML link to add the feed to your computer. Just like you would add a favourite web site or link.

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It’s really very simple to keep up to date with all the information on this blog. If you need any help with any of the links on this post please ask me.

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It's Not Unusual To Get Lost With Social Media

I know that I’ve spoken a lot about the integration of social media into your real estate business and without the assistance of someone monitoring and assisting you to do it, it’s not unusual to get lost. I’ve recently seen some of the franchise groups try to get into the world of social media and to be honest, their efforts are a total waste of time.

There is one group, trying to use Twitter as a means of promoting it’s listings, and it’s got 171 updates and 4 followers, totally a waste of time and a totally wrong strategy attached to their attempts.

So where do you start?

There are a lot of social networks popping up at the moment, some offer similar features and some have very unique features, taking advantage of all of these requires different strategies but fundamentally, the approach you take to all of these networks should be the same.

Understanding each network and how to communicate with it will help you assimilate yourself into the group, remember my post on Social Media, Working The Room and Creating the Handshake!  , but do this carefully. Jumping right in and interacting with those who helped build the group or network can leave you not performing to the users expectations. Over time community members build a standard on how they feel each member should act, if you don’t spend time getting to know the expectation of the community, your information can be buried or your questions unanswered, so spend time evaluating the conversation or information and understand what the community wants from its members. From this take the knowledge learned and then join the conversation. This is what the group I mentioned before has not done, they have not read the community that is Twitter and therefore they are doomed to fail.

When you have understood how the community works and what is expected from each member, begin to build the relationship. There is no need to try and connect with every member on the community, on my Twitter account you’ll notice I don’t follow everyone that follows me, I’ve spent time learning and reading the profiles of the people who follow me and I will only follow those that have good content and information that I find useful. Approach those that share a common interest with you and these followers will be more beneficial to you when it comes time to virally market your services or products.

With all of the information you have learned about each network and the way its members interact, you are ready to take advantage of the unique features offered by each of these networks. Understanding the network and building relationships is an ongoing process,so don’t be afraid to set new standards and contribute to the group on a regular basis. However, if your strategy includes techniques that are not accepted in your network, it will damage your campaign and you will not fully realise the power of social networking. 

As always, let me know if you need help with your social media marketing.

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It's All About Me in Real Estate Marketing

Ever wondered how the consumer or real estate searcher when searching on your web site or real estate portal views themselves? Am i a lead? a prospect? a contact or am I a person?

How do you approach social media or Internet marketing in general with your real estate office? do you treat them as a lead or a prospect, a contact or a person? 

From the consumers point of view it’s, All about me!!!

Interesting thought starter isn’t it. How you approach your marketing efforts on the web really is about how you view your consumers, how you talk to them, how you respond to them, how you market to them and the words you use are all very, very important when it comes to on line marketing, WHY? because this is usually the first point of contact a consumer will have with you and your business or product, and how well you treat them or engage themwill depend on whether they come back to your web site, use your services or buy your product.

I often get the response from real estate agents when talking about internet marketing and social media of “all I want are leads” or “How many new prospects will I get” .

The buyer/seller will judge you on lots of criteria, including your knowledge of the area, your expertise in marketing and selling property, your negotiating skills etc, so how do you inform them of all your skills and provide them with the information to make the decision to use you or your business. Most real estate agents market for today, and I don’t for one minute suggest you stop that activity, but give some thought to the future and implement a longer term strategy and start to market effectively to the future.

From the real estate portals comes research that indicates up to 39% of the real estate buyer or seller can be researching up to 9 to 12 months on line before buying or selling, so when they do, have you been the one that constantly updates them, provides them with really helpful information on real estate, sells your expertise in the area and have you treated them as a person.

Here’s a really great video for you to watch on this very subject and after you watch it, you may just be tempted to engage your market.

I for one would like to see you do just that.

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Mike Andrew Seminar Series Kicks Off Again in 2009

The first of the Emerging Trends in On Line Real Estate Marketing Seminar series kicks off next week on the Gold Coast in Qld. The seminar series features the following topics:

  • emerging online real estate marketing trends
  • emerging on line consumer trends
  • how these trends will impact your marketing plans in the future
  • the importance of on line reputation management and why this is critical for real estate  professionals
  • the impact of social media on traditional real estate marketing practices

    The location for the first seminar is as follows:

    Tuesday 17th February

    Radisson Resort Gold Coast  Carrara Qld

    9:00am for 9:30am start

    Thursday & Friday 19th & 20th February

    Victoria Park Golf Complex, Herston Road, Herston

    9:00am for a 9:30am start

    Please contact Ben Tankey,
    Telephone: 07 3031 6226
    (if RSVP by email please include your name, agency and contact number)

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    On Line Video Viewing Continues To Grow

    New stats just released by Comscore in the US have indicated the love affair with on line video is continuing. US Internet users viewed a record 14.3 billion online videos in the month of December. This represents an increase of 13% over Novembers figures. Youtube again has led the field with a 49% growth in the videos viewed over the November figures.

    Other notable figures, you may be interested in:

    • 78.5 percent of the total U.S. Internet audience viewed online video.
    • The average online video viewer watched 309 minutes of video, or more than 5 hours.
    • 98.9 million viewers watched 5.9 billion videos on (59.2 videos per viewer).
    • 48.7 million viewers watched 367 million videos on (7.6 videos per viewer).
    • The duration of the average online video was 3.2 minutes.
    • The duration of the average online video viewed at Hulu was 10.1 minutes, higher than any other video property in the top ten.


    comscore On Line Video Viewing Continues To Grow

    Comscore Survey Results

    These results are something the real estate industry in Australia needs to monitor, the use of video is now to the point that the industry really can’t continue to ignore it.

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    Social Media Marketing – What Not To Do!

    As both a user and promoter I get to see the good and bad uses of social media. Recently I’ve started to get emails sent to me under the guise of a Facebook message. When opening the email there is a product sell for Viagra or some other medication. This really annoys me and I instantly delete the email, the unfortunate part of this, is that one day, I will get a genuine message from someone on Facebook and I’ll instantly delete it, thinking it is a spammer at work.

    That got me to doing some research and I’ve noticed a lot of new comers to social media blatantly promoting their product. On for example, you’ll see real estate agents using it to promote open homes or new listings without adding any content or information that will create a following.

    The smart way to use the media is to provide the user with good quality content that compliments what you do as a business. Create followings based on your expertise not on your product.

    I use Twitter only when I have something worthwhile to say or I have read an interesting article then I’ll share it with my followers, I Tweet on updates to my blog or podcast, but as these are information sources and are not selling anything they provide my followers with good quality content. I apply the same strategy to this blog, it only promotes content and technology relevant to real estate professionals and hopefully they find it a great resource, the numbers of readers and the comments I receive from these readers would indicate to me that they do and that’s why they keep coming back.    

    So if you are a new company using social media, put in place a good solid communication plan built on providing good quality content before you start to use it. Be smart about how you plan it and how you use it, don’t listen to the ever growing numbers of “Social Media” experts out there who will promote the use of social media as an advertising platform, it is a lot more than that and used strategically will repay your efforts in droves.

    But please no more Viagra adds, I’m starting to get paranoid!!!

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    More of the Worst Property Videos on YouTube

    Back in January I talked about the worst property videos ever and got quite a reaction from the readers of this blog, so I thought I’d look again at this subject, given the growth in property video tours in Australia. This example, masquerading as a video is actually a very bad slide show. This video jumps from one out of focus shot to another, with no attempt to even highlight who the agent is, what the price of the house is or even where the house is. There appears no attempt to edit the video and from what I can gather no soundtrack or voice over, yet the video has had 2,129 views. I had to sit through the 3:09 seconds to review the video, so why others have is a mystery to me. 

    So here it is, but watch out, if you do a video like this, it could end up here.   

    0 More of the Worst Property Videos on YouTube

    tt twitter micro3 More of the Worst Property Videos on YouTube

    Social Media, Working The Room and Creating the Handshake!

    It’s called Social Media, but sometimes the people who use social media are not social at all. You put a lot of work in setting up your profiles on social media sites, making sure that you include all the relevant information, contact numbers, email address, great looking photo, update it regularly and then – Nothing!! that’s because you do not introduce yourself or work the room. Ahh, have I got your attention with that comment?, you have just entered the biggest conference or social event in the world and if you stand in the corner and do nothing, that is what you will get out of all of your efforts.

    Get out and create the handshake, that’s one of the secrets of networking yourself on social media sites. You are not stalking other users, they are there to network just like you and get information from like minded people on all kinds of interests and passions. The more you network or meet people on the web, the more followers you will generate. One of the things that I  notice when I talk to people, is they can talk passionately about the subject that is closest to them when they are face to face, but as soon as they get in front of a computer, they become totally different people.

    Twitter, Facebook, Blogs are all big social events and you need to get out and create traffic by inviting and following other users. Start conversations with them, invite them to connect with you and network. This way you will start to build a following and this in turn creates more followers, as like minded people will find you and your sites. Take Twitter as an example, by using Twitter Grader you can find other Twitter users in your area, or better still look at their profiles and follow them, chat with them, share your information or expertise with them and they will respond. Check out my post The Green Green Grass of Home- Try Twitter Grader  for a refresh on this.  Update often, but make your updates relevant, don’t waste their time when they start to follow you, for instance, I made a decision when I started this blog, not to include gossip or to criticise other portals when I post, this blog has always been there to provide you with helpful and useful information on technology and internet marketing, and I’ve stuck to that theme. I only update or post when I have something to say that is relevant to you, my readers.

    This networking also applies to your listings, they way you write, structure your content etc, all impacts on the way your listings will be viewed. So get out there, meet and network these social media users, introduce yourself and create conversations. Here’s a great video that will help you get to terms with how to work the room.

    Good luck and please let me know your thoughts on this post and wether you found the information helpful.

    This post now available as a podcast

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    Be Proactive With Interest Rate Decreases – Watch the Trends and React!!

    With the predicted drop in official interest rates by up to 1% point by the Reserve Bank tomorrow, are you geared up to take advantage of the spike in traffic that will flow on from that announcement? When the last official decrease was announced, the search volumes on Google increased for terms such as real estate for sale & houses for sale, and that searching volume also flowed thru to the major real estate portals. So to help you take advantage of this, here’s my suggestion, Once the official announcement is made, get on to your listings and change the headlines accordingly. A suggested headline could be “Official Interest Rates Drop by 1%, This property now more affordable, Ask Us How!” Leave this headline in place for the next 2 days and then revert your headline back again.

    By doing this you start to effectively use the internet to tap into lifestyle and community interests. Social media is very good at showing you how to react and communicate with your audience or market.

    Don’t use the net passively, get out and be proactive. This will be my message to the agents I’ll be consulting tomorrow, good luck.

    tt twitter micro3 Be Proactive With Interest Rate Decreases   Watch the Trends and React!!

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